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A caricature drawing is a custom portrait, often described as a cartoon portrait. This is because there is a likeness of a particular person, but the style involves some simplification and exaggeration.

Dori and Bill, caricature artists

They can either be head & shoulders style, or personalized with any activity. The themed pictures usually have a "big head / little body" look, which adds to the fun. The photos you provide become the reference for our original art, which is hand-drawn with permanent ink on heavy paper.

Caricature doesn't have to be for a gift. You may want to hang it on your own wall."

Get a custom caricature. You can get the caricature online.

If you need a caricature artist to do a custom caricature, you can rely on us for quality, price and fast turn-around.


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Gift caricatures are great for any occasion. A gift caricature will surprise and amuse that special person. It's a unique present; not a manufactured item from a store. The caricature artist tailors the picture to a particular person's look and interests. Weddings and retirements are ideal for caricature gifts, or give a gift certificate. Of course holidays are a good time to think of caricatures, but be creative and think of other uses. For instance; facebook images or wedding favors. Use them to show appreciation for teachers, employees etc. Caricatures may be single as in the case of birthdays, double as in the case of anniversaries, or groups like family portraits. 

If you are not sure what they would like you can purchase a gift certificate so that they can decide!


Online ordering of caricatures is easy
With online ordering you can easily commission a custom caricature. You choose how you want the art, pay via PayPal or credit card, provide photo reference and caricature personalization notes. Prices are quite reasonable. Your art will be completed in about 4-14 days, and sent to you via us mail or email. Options include, black & white or color, single or multiple subjects, head & shoulders style or with activity body. You'll see samples of these caricature variations. Any specifics can be incorporated into the picture.


  1. Use on Online Order form and choose the options you want included with your caricature drawing.
  2. Give us information that will help to personalize your caricature even further.
  3. Use our Photo Upload Form to send us the picture we will be using to create your caricature drawing from.

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